Die babers hieronder is almal op 12/0 ADRENALIN sirkel hoeke, 0.50mm ADRENALIN lyn, ALCEDO Green Line Vertical Jigging stok en 'n nuwe ADRENALIN katrol, wat ons beoog om volgende jaar bekend te stel, gevang. Die babers het onderskeidelik 16.46kg, 19.89kg en 26.80kg geweeg.

ADRENALIN fishing line is a copolymer line with premium knot strength and extreme casting ability. ADRENALIN fishing line is also very abrasion resistant with low memory. ADRENALIN fishing line is available from 0.20mm up to 0.50mm (600m spools).

ADRENALIN sirkel hoeke word gemaak van high carbon staal en word chemies skerp gemaak. Die hoeke is ongelooflik sterk en is beskikbaar vanaf 'n #2 tot 'n 12/0. 

The ALCEDO Green Line Vertical Jigging rod is light, easy to handle and extremely strong. Obviously designed and built for vertical jigging but because of its unbelievable pulling power, a great rod to pull barbel away from structure, especially on rivers where you don't have to cast far.

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The ALCEDO Modularis is a fantastic series of spinning rods with an unbelievable quality to price ratio. The ALCEDO Modularis spin series caters for all types of fishing from ultra light to bass to sea spinning, with rods available from 5’5” all the way up to 10ft and with casting weights starting as little as 2grams. The blanks are thin and fast, the original SeaGUIDE guides have SIC rings and stainless steel frames. The guides are perfectly placed to enhance distance and precision casting. 

The largemouth yellow fish below was caught on the ALCEDO Modularis 180-50 and the ALCEDO Piuma II F reel.

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Ruan caught this awesome steenbras on a 2/0 ADRENALIN circle hook and 0.40mm ADRENALIN saltwater line. As always he tagged and released the fish.

The steenbras had a fork length of 77cm and a total length of 85cm, which is approximately 6.7kg according to the ORI fish calculator. 

ADRENALIN circle hooks are available from a small #2 hook up to a 12/0. ADRENALIN saltwater line is available from 0.30mm to 0.50mm and in yellow or clear.

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