The new ADRENALIN Cast Triple X 10ft and the ADRENALIN Spin Triple X 10ft feature unbelievably thin yet powerful 36T HMG graphite blanks with a casting weight up to 6oz. The rods also come with non-slip diamond EVA grips and braid friendly guides. The casting model also comes with a trigger grip.

BEST VALUE for money rod on the market.....

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The ADRENALIN XMaster PRO series feature 3 reels for now. More reels will be added to the range in the future.

The main features on the XMaster PRO reels are the fast 7.1:1 gear ratio, strong and smooth 15kg carbon drag as well as tough stainless steel main and pinion gears.

Add the thick, strong drive shaft and great line capacity, and you have a reel that can be used to target all species - edible or sharks. And what is even more impressive is the affordable price tag. And don't forget the one year manufacturer's guarantee.

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